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What is Male Reproductive System ( Science Biology ) NCERT Class 10th Syllabus

The male reproductive system 

The male reproductive system mainly conses of following parts:-


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(a) Testes 

These are the oval shaped organs which lie outside the abdominal cavity of man.

These are also known as the primary organs
Reproductive organs of male ( human Male )
it makes male sex cells i.e sperm

(b)  Scrotum

These are a muscular pouch like structure hanging outside the abdominal cavity. Its main function is to consists testes in it. IT is lie outside of abdominal cavity of the body because the sperms requires a lower temperature then the normal body temperature.

(c) Epididymis 

It is coiled tube like structure where the sperm comes out and goes out through it and it also store sperm temporary.

(D) Vas Deferens 

It is a long tube which joins with another tube called ureta coming from bladder.

(e) Seminal Vesicle and Postrate gland

They provides nutrition to sperm and makes their transport easier.


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