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Animal husbandry Full Definition ( Science Biology ) Class 9th NCERT Syllabus

Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry is defined as the branch of agriculture which mainly deals with feeding, caring and breeding of domestic animals.
It also includes the proper animals shelter,breeding,health,diseases and proper economic utilization.

(a)Cattle farming Cattel farming or cattel husbandry is mainly performed for milk and draugnt labour for agriculture such as irrigation and carting.
In india animals used for cattel farming belong two species such as:-
Bos indicus :- Cows
Bos bubalis :- Buffaloes

which are also known as milch animals. 
Milch animals Milk producing femals animals are known as milch animals.

(b) Poultry farming Poultry farming is a branch of agriculture which is mainly responsible for egg production and chicken meat production.

(c) Fish production (pissiculture) Fish production or fish farming which is also known as pissiculture includes raising fish commercially.

They are mainly two ways of obtaining fish are:-

(i) Capture fishing It is meathod by capturing fish from natural resource.

(ii) Fish farming It is second method of capturing fish which is also which is also known as caltural fishery.

(a) Marine fisheries Marine fisheris practice includes fishing practice from marine resources which includes 7500km of cotline.
Marine fishes have high economic value which includes fishes like mullets,bhetki and pearl sport. Shellfish such as prawans.
Some of the popular marine varities are :- 
pomohret,tuna,sardines and Bombay duck etc.

(b) Inland Fisheries Inland fisheries includes the fishes found in fresh water resource such as canals,ponds,reservoirs river and brackish water resources. Where sea water and fresh water mix together.

Bee keeping (apiculture) The practice of bee keeping is known as apiculture which is mainly done to get honey bee wa etc. Because honey has its own medicinal value which is use in the treatment of various disorder of humans related to digestion,dysentery vomiting and stomach and liver ailment.
It also acts as a blood purifies a cure againts  courh and cold,ulcers of the tongue and also in the ulcer of stomach and intestin.

Economical uses of Honey

(i) As a source of sugar in food items.
(ii) As a medicine to cure many diseases.
(iii) Used in ediable items such a pasteries and cakes etc.
(iv) As a blood purifies.
(v) It also helps in cross pollination of flowering plant.

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