Monday, 16 December 2019

Crop protection management ( Science Biology ) Class 9th NCERT Syllabus

Crop protection management 

What is Crop protection management?


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Crop protection management mainly includes the protection of crop from harmful factors such as increasement in the ratio or weed, insects and pests which plays most curial role in destroying the plant and their products these factors are also responsible for reducing nutrition present in soil for the plant.

Storage of grains 

Storage of grains is the most important practice of grain is done to store and protect riped grain to protect them from Biotic and Abiotic factors.

Biotic factors Biotic factors includes living organisms such as insects, rodents such as squrrel, house rat etc. It also includes birds and bacteria

Abiotic factors Abiotic factors mainly contains moisture and temperature of environment because moisture is also responsible for spoilage of grain.

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