Thursday, 26 December 2019

What is Animal Tissue ( Science Biology ) Class 9th NCERT Syllabus


The tissue which are found in animals are known as animal tissue.

How many types of animal tissue.

There are four types of Animal tissue
(i) Connective tissue (ii) Epithelial tissue
(iii) Muscular tissue (iv) Nervous tissue

(i) Connective tissue It is a type of animal tissue whose main functon is to connect one system from another.

(ii) Epithelial tissue It is defined as the type of tissue whose main function is to provide protective layer or protection to our body organs.

(iii) Muscular tissue It is a kind of animal tissue which is responsible for contraction and relaxation as well as motion of the body.

(iv) Nervous tissue Our nervous tissue is mainly of two types:-

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