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What Is Cell | Cell Full Definition ( Science Biology ) NCERT Class 9th Biology

Cell Full Definition 

What is cell?

Cell is define as the smallest and functional unit of life .

Study of Cell

   Cytology The branch of Biology in which we study about Cell , and its structure and its function is known as Cytology.

Types of Cell

Cell is mainly in two types:- 

Unicellular and Multi cellular Organisms 

What is Unicellular organisms?

Unicellular organisms The organisms whose body and structure is composed of single cell and their single cell perform every  function of their body and known as Unicellular organisms.
Example:- Amoeba

What is multi cellular organisms?

Multi cellular Organisms The organisms whose body and structure are composed of more than one cell and each cell performed different function an=re known as Multi cellular organisms.
Example:-  Humans

Human body contains different types of cell Such as Blood cell , sex cell (reproductive cell) Bone cell, Nerve cell etc.

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