Saturday, 7 December 2019

What is Female Reproductive System ( Science Biology ) Class 10th NCERT Syllabus

The female reproductive system

(a) Ovaries

These are the oval shaped organs which are present inside the abdominal cavity of women near kidney and are the primary organ of the female reproductive system. It main function is to make female sex cell known as ova or egg.

(b) Oviduct (fallopian tubes)

These are the tubes present just above the overies and are also known as  fallopian tubes which are directly connected with ovaries and have  funnel shaped opening which almost covers the ovaries. And the  fertilization of egg by sperm takes place in the oviduct.

(c) Uterus

It is a bag like organ in which two oviducts are connected. It is a place which plays vital role in the growth and development of a fertilized egg because it is a place where the fertilized egg converts into uterus.

(d) Vagina

It is a tube like structure from which the oviduct are connected and its main function is to receive penis for putting sperms into the women's body. IT is a tubular structure and is also known as birth canal because the birth of child takes place through this canal system.

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