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What is Food Resources ( Science Biology ) Class 9th NCERT Syllabus

 Food Resources

What is food resources?

Food Food is as the material consisting essential nutrient such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, etc to sustain growth and development of body.


There are many revolution run for the improvement in Food resources some of theme are :-

(i) Green revolution This revolution is known as the third agriculture revolution and run to increase agriculture production world wide.

(ii) Blue revolution This revolution was run to enhance the fish production through aquaculture.

(iii) White revolution This revolution was mainly run to increase the milk production.

(iv) Yellow revolution Yellow revolution was run by the people for the increase in production of edible oil due to plantation of hybrid oil seed such as Mustard oil.

(v) Golden revolution Golden revolution is mainly about Honey and Horticulture production.

Horticulture (the study or practice of growing flower & fruit)

Agriculture Agriculture us an applied science and its branch which deals with crop soil cultivation and their  management.

Organic farming Organic farming is a practice in which biological means such as biological control, use of manure is done instead of using chemicals such as Fertilizers insecticides e.g DDT etc.

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